Global Geek News Podcast format change

Just thought I would give all of the Global Geek News Podcast listeners a quick heads up about a major change to the Global Geek News Podcast.  The Tips of the Week portion of the show is being removed.

Don’t panic!  You will still get your tips of the week, but now it will come in the form of a weekly blog post, most likely to be posted every Friday.  After numerous people have voiced complaints that the show has been getting too long (and I agree), I have decided the easiest change to make at this time would be to take the Tips of the Week out and make it something separate.

This should push the show back to around the 1 hour mark where I want the show to be while still keeping the same number of stories while at the same time allow me more freedom to share more helpful links.  I will continue to evaluate the show for other changes for both time and better quality.

Thanks for your support and if you have any thoughts on this matter or anything else as it relates to the podcast, please share them with us in the comments!