6 Reasons why you shouldn’t buy the iPhone 4 today

There seems to be a lot of excitement lately around the iPhone 4, but there are a lot of reports of problems with the new device which is why you should never buy something the day it comes out.  It is best to wait and see what you are in for before spending a bunch of money and lock yourself into a 2 year contract.  Here are just some of the problems that people are seeing with the iPhone 4 and a few other reasons why you shouldn’t get the iPhone 4.

  1. The glass breaks from a 1 foot drop. There are several reports of the iPhone 4 glass shattering very easily.  Business Insider has a video of a drop test showing the damage the iPhone 4 takes including the glass shattering from elbow height.  While that took several drops to shatter the screen, Gizmodo has images showing the back glass having shattered after a 1 foot drop.

    iPhone 4 glass shatters on 1 foot drop
    Source: Gizmodo
  2. The screens have a lot of yellow lines and spots. Gizmodo has recieved dozens of reports and pictures from readers showing yellow lines and spots that are plaguing the screen.  With as much hype as there has been around the Retina display, you would have figured that they wouldn’t have these kinds of issues with it, especially considering how demanding that Apple is about the production quality of their products.Source: Gizmodo
  3. The iPhone 4 loses reception when you hold it by the antenna. Last night, Gizmodo posted a video showing the iPhone 4 losing reception when it is being held by the antenna bands (the sides).  Since you are going to be holding the phone by its sides to use it, especially when talking on the phone, I find this to be a big deal breaker.  Not sure how this one slipped passed the QA department.  iPhone 4 loses connection when holding the sides
  4. It is more expensive than comparable phones. I’m going to sidestep the whole which carrier is best argument and jump right to the cost of the iPhone 4 compared to similar devices offered on other networks.  BillShrink has an infographic showing the real costs of the iPhone 4 as well as several other smartphones like the Droid Incredible, the Nexus One and the Evo 4G.  Long story short, if you want the cheapest device with an unlimited plan, the Nexus One will save you over $500 over the life of the 2 year contract compared to the iPhone.  Looking at the minimum cost, the iPhone has a slight lead over the other phones but it is the most expensive phone to buy unless you get the Nexus One without a contract.  They also compare a few other features like battery life and the camera but for most people, it is the money that matters.
  5. Facetime is very choppy. I was watching the coverage on TWiT Live this morning and the video chat was very choppy compared to Skype.  While I will admit that the picture looked beautiful, the Facetime chat looked like it was averaging maybe 15 fps at best which is kind of sad considering you have to use wifi for it to work.  I don’t even want to think about how bad it will be over 3G.
  6. You may get mugged waiting for your iPhone 4. Mashable’s reporter Samuel Axon was mugged while waiting in line for the iPhone 4.  Here is his tweet about getting mugged.

Avoid the early adoption pains and wait before getting the iPhone 4.  It is always best to take your time and consider your options.