Microsoft Student Insider Training Day 3: The second day at Microsoft Part 1

Greetings Readers!

Continuing my series of posts about my visit to Microsoft (Day 1, Day 2 part 1, Day 2 part 2, and Day 2 part 3), its time to talk about day 2 of my visit where I got to get the low down on what is going on with XNA, make an appearance on 1 vs 100 Live, shop at the company store and much more!  Here we go!

Unlike the first day, day 2 didn’t start off at Microsoft’s main campus.  Day 2 started at Microsoft’s offices in Lincoln Square.  Before heading up to breakfast on the top floor, we had to check in on a different floor (14 I think?).  The view from the building, especially once we got all signed in and were able to get up to the top floor to have breakfast, was amazing.  It was a cloudy, dreary day, but the view was still spectacular.  The food was again great and we got to talk to Mark Hindsbo and Scott Davidson, Directors for Evangelism in the US and the conversation was awesome.  We spent at least a good half an hour or so talking about technology and online culture and similar topics and how they have changed over the years.  I was enjoying myself so much that I wished I didn’t have to go to my next meeting which I also enjoyed.

After breakfast, I had the privilege of setting down with Sean Foley.  Sean runs the marketing for Windows.  The conversation I got to have with Sean was great.  It felt like more of a feeback session than anything where I got to express what I thought Microsoft was doing right and what they were doing wrong when it came to marketing and their business  strategy for many of their products and it was great to be able to give somebody feedback who can do something about the issues that I see rather than just blogging about them and praying that somebody in charge happens to see what I am talking about and can do something about it.  It gave me some great insights as to how Microsoft is positioning itself and the message that they are trying to convey to their consumers.  After this great conversation came to an end, another conversation which I wish wouldn’t have come to an end so soon, I met up with the Student Insider crew again to meet with Jodi Ellias.

I walked into the meeting a couple of minutes late since I kind of last track of my time when I was talking to Sean so I am not sure exactly what all was said, but when I got there, after some quick introductions like we did with everybody we got to talk to, we became a soundboard for a possible marketing campaign.  Jodi Ellias runs the marketing to students and faculty in the US so she was pitching some ideas to us about marketing Microsoft and their educational programs to students and she was curious was we thought as technology loving students and how we thought the initiative would be accepted by other technology loving students.  This was probably my first “focus group” type experience and I can’t say how much I enjoyed it.  The feedback and conversation was amazing and its great to know that Microsoft is interested in what somebody like me thinks to the point that it can help shape their future marketing efforts for a huge audience.  When we finished giving our feedback, it was time to head over to the main campus to meet with Stephanie Reimann, the Marketing Manager for the XNA team.

That is it for Part 1 of Day 2 at Microsoft.  Come back tomorrow to find out what happened next!