Microsoft Student Insider Training Day 2: The first day at Microsoft Part 1

Greetings Readers!

First, I apologize to the folks at Microsoft as well as my readers about not getting these posts up sooner.  I had planned on this going up a day or two after the first post about the travel day that I posted like 3 weeks ago.   Anyway, now that MIX 2010 is over, I can get back to my series of posts about my trip to Microsoft.  Due to posts turning out to be much longer than I expected, I am breaking them up by more than just days.  In the case of Day 2, the first day at Microsoft, it will be broken up into 3 posts so that it is not some huge mass of text that will take you a while to read.  Day 3 will be the same way.  Anyway, lets talk about my first day at Microsoft!

Although this wasn’t my first trip to Microsoft as I have flown up to the campus in the past for job interviews and got a very quick run through of a couple of buildings in the past when I was visiting some family that works at Microsoft, this was the first time that I got a real feel for life and the atmosphere at Microsoft.

The morning of our first day at Microsoft, we were shuttled from our amazing hotel, the Mariot Hotel in the Redmond Town Center to the Microsoft campus where I gathered with the other Student Insiders and the wonderful ladies that are in charge of the Student Insider program shortly before heading to an area called the Commons for breakfast.  For cafeteria food, the food was really good.  There were all of the normal breakfast foods available from fruits to eggs to sausage and of course bacon.  Although I found the commons area to be impressive, it wasn’t until later that I realized just how huge it was and how much it had to offer.  Anyway, after eating a great breakfast, we headed back to Building 99 where we first gathered where things really got going.  We started out with an introduction to our training which was interesting although I can’t say I paid as close of attention as I should have because the power inverter on my netbook, the only computer I brought with me died as soon as I plugged it into one of the outlets at the table.  The introduction was interesting, I just wish I wasn’t so preoccupied that I could have gotten more out of it.  Normally I wouldn’t have been in such a panic except that the netbook was the only computer I brought on the trip and everything I had with me, from my phone to my iPod Touch and Zune was USB powered and without a computer to power at least my phone, I would be kind of screwed.  Luckily, I was brought a spare power brick around lunch time which really saved my butt.

After our introduction, we got to meet with Microsoft’s great blogger from Australia, Frank Arrigo.  The discussion we got to have we him was extremely valuable.  From how we might improve our blogs and podcasts to how best to foster a community around our sites, it was an great discussion and I wish it didn’t have to end as quickly as it did.  After that fascinating discussion, we were informed about our responsibilities as bloggers, specifically what we need to do and keep in mind when it things like FTC guidelines for blogging and disclosing things that we receive and  stuff like that.  Having kept a very close eye on this topic ever since the FTC said that bloggers will have to disclose products that they are given and such, there was nothing here that I didn’t already know.

Speaking of which, as soon as I get a chance, I am going to create a disclosure page so that I am completely transparent and you guys can know exactly what I have received or whatever in exchange for blog posts or mentions on the podcast or whatever.  I will make sure to have this page up shortly after MIX (I hope).  Since this seems like a decent cut-off point for this part of day one, that is it for part 1 of Day 2.  Stay tuned and part 2 will be up sometime within the next 24 hours.