Want Blippy Invites? I have 9 left to give away

Greetings Readers!

Today I am giving away some invites to the awesome new service (still in beta) called Blippy!  For those that haven’t heard of Blippy before, I recommend finding out more about it on [email protected] #133 but it is basically Friendfeed for purchases.

Blippy aggregates your purchases from a number of different places and allows everybody to discuss your purchases.  It is a great way to share your thoughts on your purchases with friends or ask friends about their purchases to help you better decide what you will purchase in the future.  Instead of aggregating all of your blogs, YouTube videos, flickr photos and everything else like Friendfeed, Blippy aggregates your purchases from online retailers like Amazon and Apple’s iTunes.  You can even integrate your Netflix movies into your Blippy stream so you can discuss movies with your friends and followers.  If you have one of the financial institutions that they support such as Wells Fargo, you can even have all of your credit or debit card purchases show up and bring people even farther into your life.  The possibilities are huge and it is an addicting service.  Your purchases both big and small can now be social!

If you would like a Blippy invite, leave a comment to this post with your email address and I will send one your way.  Right now, I only have 9 left but as I get more, I will send them to anybody else who hasn’t managed to get their hands on one.

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