All CES 2010 plans have been canceled

As many of you know, I have been planning for several months to attend the 2010 CES and had a number of things planned for the show including shows from CES and much more.  Unfortunately, that won’t be happening.

There are two major reasons for the canceling this years CES plans.  First, if the PR spam I have been getting is any indication, this is going to be a very boring CES.  It seems that most things will just be either new iterations of past products or companies I have never heard of ripping off other products.  I have even received PR crap advertising things like the first ever mind controlled game which I know is a complete load of crap as I have seen these kinds of things before.  On the off chance that there is something notable coming out of this year’s CES, I figure I might as well save my money and just cover the coverage if there is anything worth talking about.  Also, any company that calls me to talk me into stopping by their booth in hopes that I will give them some press automatically go on my crap list.  If you want to contact me, do it via e-mail like everybody else.  DO NOT CALL ME UNLESS I ASK YOU TO!

The other and biggest reason is all of the new TSA travel BS.  I am not being sponsored or anything to cover CES and I will not fork out a bunch of money out of my pocket and miss several days of work just to be treated like some slave.  The TSA’s rules were ridiculous before Christmas and they are now so bad that I have canceled all my flights that I have had planned for any traveling.  As much as I hate driving for long periods of time, I would much rather do that than mess with the theater we call “security” at airports.  I would drive to CES, but going over the mountain passes this time of year is not advised and in good conditions, that is still like a 14 hour drive.  Until we either get rid of the TSA (which is really what we should do) or the TSA decides to pull its head out of its butt and get rid of some of their stupid rules, I have no plans to be flying anywhere.

Anyway, those are my primary reasons for not going to CES this year.  There are a few other smaller reasons but those are the main reasons.  If there is anything worth talking about that comes out of CES, I will talk about it from what I hear from people at the show, but otherwise I won’t be doing too much CES related stuff.

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