Microsoft PDC 2009 Coverage

This post was originally posted on the Global Geek News Blog.  I decided to repost it here so everybody knows what is going on and I will also be posting upcoming videos on here as well.  Here was the original post:

Greetings Readers!

In the last post, I alluded to the fact that Microsoft has sent me to PDC 2009 (Professional Developers Conference) in LA since I am now a Student Insider and as part of that, I am going to be writing numerous blog posts throughout the week about the stuff that is being announced and talked about here.  I have also been equipped with a Flip Ultra HD camcorder to take video of what I see.  Since I got the Flip this afternoon, I will have to wait until tonight to charge it up and try it out but I should be able to shoot some video the next two days and I will likely have to wait until I return home on Friday to begin uploading them as internet speeds around here seem to vary somewhere between dial-up speeds during the keynote and around 1.5mbps at other times.

I am mainly focusing on Windows 7 stuff and various developer technologies that interest me and alter how I do my pet programming projects.  If there is anything specifically that you would like me to report on, let me know in the comments.  Feel free to check out the schedule at the PDC 2009 site and point me towards the sessions you would be most interested in me reporting on.  Also, once I get the video working, I will be doing interviews as well, so expect some cool stuff from that.  There are also a number of the Microsoft Surface tables here so I will get some videos of those too.

I am getting ready to go into another session so I will blog more tonight about what I saw today and just what I think about everything that is being shown off.  Stay tuned!