Global Geek News’ Windows 7 Ultimate giveaway

Greetings listeners and readers!

I am officially announcing the first Global Geek News giveaway!  What are we giving away?  We are giving away a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit Signature Edition that I received at a Windows 7 launch event in Denver last week.  How can you score this awesome copy of Windows 7?  Here are the requirements:

  • Tweet this:  The awesome Global Geek News Podcast is giving away a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate!  Head here for details: #globalgeeknews
  • Follow @globalgeeknews on Twitter
  • Comment on at least one post from the Global Geek News Blog posted within the last 2 months.  The seven suggestions for becoming a constructive commenter must be followed for the comment to count.  Multiple comments won’t increase your odds but they are appreciated 🙂
  • Have proof that you are subscribed to the Global Geek News Podcast (RSS).  A screenshot of your podcatcher (iTunes, Zune software, ect.) with a subscription to the Global Geek News Podcast will work.  You are also welcome to take a picture of your MP3 player or whatever showing the podcast on there.  If you have another idea, I recommend asking about it in the comments first.

The contest will conclude at 10PM EST, October 12, 2009.  The winner will be be selected at random from the tweets at that time and will be notified via twitter the next day.  Once contacted, the winner must reply to the tweet with a link to his blog comment (must be able to be verified as that left by the winner aka no anonymous comments) and picture or video showing their subscription to the podcast within 24 hours.  If the winner does not meet any of the criteria or tries to use a blog comment not within the past 2 months or after the end of the contest, a new winner will be selected and notified until a valid winner is chosen.

Each tweet will be an entry into the giveaway and you can enter as many times as you wish until the deadline (but be aware that tweeting too much will annoy your followers).  Now go tell your friends!

This contest is for US residents only.  If changes are made to the giveaway, they will be placed here and tweeted about by @globalgeeknews.

UPDATE:  The blog comment requirement is no longer required.

UPDATE 2:  Link in the tweet fixed because the first link didn’t work.