Is there anything Best Buy won’t do to screw its customers?

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Anybody who has ever dealt with Best Buy likely has their own horror stories about the giant, myself included and now they have a new tactic.  Best Buy is now charging $130 to set up your Playstaion 3.

What do you get for your $130?  You will get your PS3 plugged in, have its firmware updated, have your user accounts created and have the parental controls set up.  Basically, stuff you shouldn’t even need to look at the manual to figure out how to do.  Why does Best Buy insist on ripping its customers like this?  I am also curious who is dumb enough to pay $130 for this?

Here is the picture  in case you need to see this ripoff to believe it.

Best Buy rips off Playstation 3 customers. Credit: Kotaku
Best Buy rips off Playstation 3 customers. Credit: Kotaku

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3 responses to “Is there anything Best Buy won’t do to screw its customers?”

  1. Adrian McMillan Avatar
    Adrian McMillan

    Yeah, someone tried to claim they also tweaked settings when connecting to an HDTV.  When I called the local BBs they said it doesn’t, and it falls “under an additional charge of $99.”

    What BS.  If you don’t know the basics of setting up a console, how exactly can you play it?

  2. Michael Avatar

    Well, truthfully for a housecall that isn’t bad.  They have to cover their time to drive to wherever, and the gas, and the time to answer all the odd questions that the customer will end up asking. What they should do is offer in-store setup for free.

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