Expect Playstation 3 shortages this Christmas season

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If you are hoping to pick up a Playstation 3 for the 2009 holiday season for yourself or somebody else, you better do it while you still can because shortages are being predicted.

Thanks to the record pace that the PS3 has been selling at since the price drop to $300 and the release of the PS3 Slim, Sony Executive Jack Tretton says that if sales continue at their current pace, there will be shortages of the PS3 sales this holiday season because demand is outpacing supply.

It is baffling that Sony didn’t expect such a surge in sales when a new unit was released and the price was dropped.  Considering everybody had been hoping for a price drop for the past year, they should know that it was going to make for a huge boost in sales so they would have made production great enough to meet demand through the holiday season.

There is no news on when the shortage will happen but I know why Sony is planning it, free publicity.  Whenever a major consumer product has a shortage, it gets a writeup on all of the major sites which is good for the company and the product.  This is the only reason I can think of that Sony would pull something like this.  By creating  a shortage, you give the appearance that the hottest item of the Christmas season is going to be the Playstation 3, even when it might not be true.  Despite the fact that I understand this practice, I still find it horrible because come Christmas time, some kid isn’t going to have the PS3 he was expecting because Sony wasn’t willing to ramp up production for the holiday season.

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-Jeremy “pcnerd37″ Bray