A slight change from the last announcement

Greetings Readers!

After seeing that things have improved traffic wise now that the holiday is over, I have decided I might have been too hasty in my changes to the blog.  I am still going to bring back the Geek News Daily Podcast and cut down on short posts, but I don’t think I will cut them out entirely.  I will not put my focus on the short posts, but as news breaks and I have time, I will post news.  I will put my emphasis on longer posts but you will still be able to get your tech news from here if you wish.  If you want to get the latest news, I recommend checking out the Geek News Daily Podcast when I bring it back.  I was going to bring it back today but I am sick so its not going to happen most likely.  Hopefully it will be here tomorrow.  Anyway, if you want to get your news as it breaks, I highly recommend checking out the other site that I write for, TechVi.com.  Anyway, that is whats going on and I will tweak my strategy as I feel it is necessary.

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-Jeremy “pcnerd37” Bray