July is do or die for the Global Geek News Blog

Greetings Readers!

After doing some soul searching, I have decided that July will be the do or die month for the Global Geek News Blog or at least in the format that it is now.

Last months numbers were by far the highest we have ever had on the blog but I am still not happy. The only reason that we had the highest traffic month last month was because of a couple of day spike from my post about the Tonight Show background. If you remove that spike, while the first part of the month was good, most of the month was far below normal despite all of the content I have been posting. With numbers on the decline, I am seeing little incentive to keep the blog alive.

I want to be very clear on this, this has absolutely nothing to do with the podcast. The Global Geek News Podcast will not be affected by this in anyway other than the fact that I won’t be plugging the blog anymore if I decide to shut the blog down. I am extremely happy with the growth I have seen with the podcast and the quality of shows that we have been producing and while I have some tweaks in mind for the show, at this point I see no major changes coming to that other than the fact that we need to start doing more guests again.

Anyway, if numbers don’t improve in the month of July, one of two things will likely happen. Either I will kill off the blog entirely or move almost entirely to doing the blog in video or audio form at least as an experiment. If I do kill it entirely, I will most likely resurrect the Geek News Daily Podcast so that you will still get all of the latest news from me.

If you want this blog to continue in its current from, make sure you either visit it daily or subscribe to the RSS feed.  Also, make sure to pass along the stories to your friends and family that might be interested in them through things like twitter, email, IM or however you interact with people.

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-Jeremy “pcnerd37” Bray