Major changes coming to the Global Geek News Blog

Greetings Readers!

After some thought, I have decided to make some major changes to the Global Geek News Blog.  Starting now, I will be doing fewer long posts like I have always done.  I will still be doing them but they will be the minority of the posts here.

Starting today, I am going to focus more on bringing you more news in a timely manner.  While I will still do my longer pieces that take more of an  in-depth look at various stories and topics, I am now going to start posting shorter posts with more news and less opinion in effort to keep you up to date on the latest in media, entertainment and technology news.  You can now expect multiple posts every day and it if you want to keep up with everything, I highly recommend subscribing to the RSS Feed.  I will still try to do my longer pieces a couple of times a week but they will no longer be the sole focus of the blog.

Also, a quick side note, I am also writing for another tech site now which you can find out who in the newest Global Geek News Podcast!

If you have any ideas or suggestions regarding these changes, please put them in the comments and I will address them and take them into consideration for future posts.  Also, this in no way affects how the other bloggers on this site function as this is just from me at this time and since I am the main poster, you will see a large difference.  Anyway, that is all of the news for now.  I may have some more news coming later so stay tuned!