Don’t let your social networks become your enemy in lawsuits

Greetings Readers,

For a long time now, I have advocated being very careful of what you put on your social networks.  From compromising photos on your facebook page to tweets about your desire to become the next Hitler, anything you post on social networks can and will likely be used against you if you don’t think twice before posting them.  Not only can those drunken party pictures damage your chances of landing that great job, but they can also screw you out of winning a lawsuit.

This week, a man in Canada who was suing for damages resulting from two car accidents in 2001 and 2003 had many of his claims rejected because what he had posted on facebook was the complete opposite of what he was alleging in his lawsuit.  Long story short, he claimed that his social life had gone down the tubes and that his friends wouldn’t speak to him, but his facebook pictures showed him hosting parties and socializing with a good number of friends.  The $1.3 million lawsuit only got him $40,000 thanks to the photos.

If you are going say one thing, especially in places where it really maters like a courtroom or a job interview, it is generally a very bad idea to have evidence to the contrary on your facebook profile, flickr page or any other social network to which you belong.  Not only can the truth come out and screw you (that is what you get for being dishonest), but social networks are a better way for people to get to know you which might not be a good thing depending on what you want them believing about you.

In the end, you have two real options, be completely honest with everybody at all times incase they want to check up on you, or think twice about what you put online and what people will think about what you post.