Steam Brings the Cloud to Gaming with Steam Cloud

Greetings Readers!

According to TechCrunch, way back in May, Valve promised that PC gaming was moving to the cloud with Steam Cloud.  Steam Cloud is a free extension that allows gamers to store various game files in the cloud, such as game saves and keyboard configurations.  [Valve’s announcement]

The moving of these files to the cloud is a huge step forward for PC gaming, which has traditionally had a gamers settings and progress tied to a single machine.  If you are like me, I game on several computers.  I have my main gaming rig which is used for doing the most intense games such as Crysis, but I also have my laptops which are no slouch when it comes to games either.  I would love if I could be able to play a game in both places without having to lose my place and input configurations when I change machines.  Being able to pick up on one machine where I left off on another has long been a dream of mine.  That dream is about to become reality thanks to Valve’s new Steam Cloud.

With Steam Cloud, whenever you change your keyboard or mouse configuration (or whatever your input device of choice is), it is automatically synced to the cloud where you can then retrieve it on another machine without doing anything other than logging in.  Same goes for game saves and other gaming preferences.  This is a huge convenience for any serious PC gamer.

The first title with this capability is set to be released on November 18, Left 4 Dead (The demo comes out this week).  Valve has been providing other game makers with tools to take advantage of this new cloud service although it remains to be seen who will adopt the cloud storage idea.  It is also expected that Valve will enable this on its back catalog but I have not seen any announcements as to what will get this feature and when.

As a hardcore PC gamer, I anxiously await this feature.  I have long wanted a way to keep all of my saved games and settings when I reformat my computer without actually having to do any backup work.  This is probably the biggest development in the PC gaming world in some time and I can’t wait to try it out.

Long Live PC Gaming!