Apple Recalls iPhone 3G Ultracompact USB Power Adapter

Greetings Readers!

Apple has announced they are recalling the iPhone 3G ultracompact USB power adapter because apparently the prongs are known to break off.  So far nobody has been hurt, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see that change if a baby or pet gets a hold of a broken prong and tries to swallow it.

The recall affects all iPhone 3Gs sold in the US, Canada, Japan, Mexico and several other Latin American countries.  They say to stop using the adapter immediately although a replacement won’t be available until October 10, 2008.  Replacements can be ordered online starting that day as well as exchanged at the Apple stores.  The downside of ordering online is that once you do, it will take 3 weeks to get it.  You will also have to give them the serial number of you iPhone 3G.  I guess until then you will have to charge it with static electricity by rubbing it on the carpet.

For more details about the recall, head over to Apple’s recall page.

This makes me happy that I am not an iPhone owner and generally stay away from first generation devices, no matter how much I may want them (I am considering the iPhone 3G a separate product since there are a number of changes from the original iPhone that I would say makes it a whole new product).