25 Twitter Tips for College Students

Greetings readers!

Although I don’t say it much, I appreciate when readers and listeners send me stuff to talk about on the blog and podcast. This is one such post. Fiona King sent me a link to a post called “25 Twitter Tips for College Students.” While I will say that some of these don’t follow my Twitter Etiquette or Twitter Etiquette 2 posts, some of them are great ideas that any college student can find useful. Here is a couple of the tips to wet your appetite to read the others.

#2: # RetweetMe: Set up alerts and reminders so that you don’t forget to study, attend class, or take a final.
#3: Collaborate on a project: Whether it’s a formal collaboration or you just want some extra feedback on a project, get your classmates and friends involved to help you out and start a shared conversation on Twitter.
#8: Get the inside scoop on other teachers and classes: Before you sign up for a class, post a question about that class to learn about the teacher, homework load, grading style and more.

Check out the post for the rest of the 25 Twitter Tips for College Students.

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