Twitter Needs Support for Tagging

Hello readers!

After doing some thinking about my Twitter posts and the reactions to them, I believe I have come up with an idea that will improve the quality of twitter and cut out several of my rules for proper Twitter Etiquette.

What is my idea? Tagging. I believe it would be very beneficial to tag Twitter posts. By requiring users to tag their twitter posts, it would allow for an easy search of Twitter posts on a related topic. If you are looking to find somebody’s post about an event, you can just search by their used tags. Not only would this allow for a powerful search feature, but tagging could used to follow specific topics.

Like I talked about in my first Twitter Etiquette post, not all users want to follow your posts about specific events or topics. By allowing people to tag their posts (ex: sxsw), other users could choose not to receive notification of tweets when users post with a specific tag. This would eliminate the need for multiple accounts. If somebody wanted to promote one of their projects, you can choose to see or not see the post by filtering messages based upon the post tag.

The concept of tagging would give great power to all types of Twitter users. Tagging opens up a whole new world of possibilities and uses for Twitter. Allowing users to have a greater degree of customization over their use and experience is the key to adoption beyond the new media and geek crowds. If anybody from Twitter happens to read this post, give much consideration to this idea as it would be a huge benefit to your service.