Many YouTube Users Lack Creativity and Originality

Hello readers!

Unlike many of the YouTube commenters, I generally hold my tongue when it comes to the videos that drift around the viral video sites, but today that changes.  While I am sure that what I am about to post will turn into another controversy like the Twitter post, what I have to say needs to be said.

While the problem of unoriginal and uncreative videos plagues all video sharing sites,  it seems to be the worst on YouTube.  While their are a number of posters that upload original and creative videos, there is also a plague of users that create copycat videos.  As a YouTube user, I find it disappointing whenever I go to the site and find that much of the new content is just a copycat video of one that made it famous.  This lack of creativity and effort to create something new is a cancer on viral video sites and must be removed before these sites can become truly valuable places on the internet.

It seems that many people believe that since people like Chris Crocker can become famous for videos telling people to leave Britney Spears alone that they can do the same thing and become popular.  While many people chose to do similar videos about other celebrities, the idea behind the video is still exactly the same.  While videos like that might make you popular among fellow fans, it will not bring the mainstream success that you seek.

Creativity and originality are the keys to viral video success.  If you post a video that is creative and original, it is far more likely to raise to the top than a copycat video.  Experiment with different ideas and topics so that if you make it big, you can say that it was your own, original idea rather than stealing the concept from somebody else.  There is a lot to be said for doing your own thing instead of ripping somebody else off.

Not only is doing your own thing likely to increase your success in the viral video world, but it increases the diversity of content that can be found on viral video sites.  Much like television, it is far better to have original and diverse ideas rather than having multiple spin-offs of the same show.  Keep in mind that whether its viral videos, movies or TV shows,  sequels are almost never as good as the original.  If television networks or websites lack diversity, they will be lucky to survive, much less become successful.

This concept applies to all forms of media and entertainment, whether its viral videos, blogs, video games, movies, television, radio, or podcasts.  If you have dreams of fame and fortune, dream about what your next original idea is instead of what internet trend you can copy.