HD-DVD can lose the war, but still survive

The high-def movie war has dragged on for quite some time now as a stalemate until recently. With 6 of the 8 major movie studios backing Blu-ray and the others rumored to be jumping on the bandwagon, HD-DVD could die any day. While its almost certain HD-DVD will lose the war, it could still remain relevant in technology.

From the blogs I read and the people I talk to, most think that both Blu-ray and HD-DVD are useful primarily for movies and thats it. That is far from true. Much like DVD followed the CD has the primary way of transferring large amounts of data whether it be media files or software such as operating systems, office suites and more, HD-DVD or Blu-Ray will succeed the DVD. With HD-DVD about to lose the movie war, I feel it should pull out and focus on trying to become the successor of the DVD in the computer environment.

With HD-DVD being the cheaper of the two high density disks, it would be easier to take the spot from DVD. While HD-DVD may not have the capacity of Blu-ray, which is a big drawback, it could still fill the storage needs of the majority of people. With game developers and software developers pushing the dvd to its limit, HD-DVD would be a substantial storage increase allowing for more content for a small cost increase. It would give developers plenty of space to work with until the next generation of media becomes available.

Not only would such a move benefit companies, but it would also be a great consumer benefit as well. Even though external hard drives have become affordable for the masses, many still prefer to keep hard drive backups as well as media backups on disk. With a higher capacity disk, many will be able to decrease the size of their dvd and hard drive backup collections. One could reduce their home movie collection to a disk or two instead of many disks which take up valuable shelf space.

With Blu-ray about to win the high-def format war, to survive HD-DVD backers must pull out and focus on the computer market. Without a new strategy and market to target, the HD-DVD can live, but without a major change, it will become another dead format sooner rather than later.



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