When it comes to keys, I’m not usually one to keep a bunch of unnecessary things on my keychain but I have been known to have a few interesting things on them occasionally like my old laser tag identifier thing from when I used to play often (I was a laser tag god and nobody could touch me).  However, last week my laser tag stuff finally managed to break off after all of these years and now I am in the market of something new to help me spot my keys when I am looking for them.  The search for something new brought me to these amazing Legend of Zelda inspired key chains that I thought were cool enough to share with all of you.

The folks over at FanGamer are selling these amazing Legend of Zelda Boss Key and Small Key keychains for $20 (I think for the pair).  Right now they are only available for pre-order but they are supposed to start shipping sometime in late September.  The Boss Key features kind of an antique gold finish while the Small Key has an antique silver finish.

If you are like me and plan on getting these, just a word of caution in that these are apparently fairly heavy according to the reviews and I have seen heavy sets of keys cause problems with ignition switches in cars in the past so you might want to think twice before putting them on the same key ring as your car keys.

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Legend of Zelda Boss Key and Small Key Keychains

Legend of Zelda Boss Key and Small Key Keychains

[Source: FanGamer]

Whenever I find myself posting about cupcakes, it makes me wish I lived somewhere like San Francisco where they are a much bigger deal than they are here because around here it seems like you only see them at special occasions like weddings and other big parties.  Actually, I would rather cupcakes become a bigger deal around here than moving somewhere that they are because moving is a real pain in the butt!  Anyway, speaking of cupcakes, I think I may have found my all time favorite Doctor Who cupcakes in the pictures below!

In the past, I have written a ton of posts featuring all sorts of Doctor Who cupcakes like these ones and all of these (you can find a bunch of other Doctor Who cupcake posts if you search for them with the search box on the right) but I don’t think any have turned out quite as awesome as the ones below.

This amazing TARDIS cake and these incredibly detailed Doctor cupcakes featuring the iconic outfits of all of the Doctors was created by Madrid based baking company, Catcakes.  It is too bad they are halfway across the world from me because I would love to order some of these incredible looking cupcakes!

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Doctor Who Cupcakes and TARDIS Cake

Doctor Who Cupcakes and TARDIS Cake

[Source:  Catcakes via Pinterest]

When it comes to tea, I’m strictly an unsweetened fresh brewed iced tea kind of person.  I don’t do sweet tea, I don’t do bottled tea and I definitely don’t do hot tea (I don’t like hot beverages of any kind).  However, I know that there are a lot of people out there that do enjoy hot tea (you guys are a bunch of weirdos!) and for those hot tea lovers who also love Doctor Who, I have found the perfect TARDIS teacup, saucer and spoon that will make your timey wimey tea time fantastic!

Etsy seller DragonflyArts sells these awesome made-to-order TARDIS teacups for between $36-62 depending on if you want just the cup or some combination of the cup, saucer and spoon.  Also, be aware that shipping times at least for the US are around 4-6 weeks so if you are thinking about getting this as a gift, make sure you order with plenty of time to spare.   Below are some details about these Doctor Who inspired creations as well as a picture.

Each cup and saucer are thrown on the potters wheel, hand painted with black clay & various glazes, hand carved and then stamped with custom made clay stamps that I made just for this item.

Glazed on the inside with starry white & blue glazes and on the outside in my own version of Tardis blue (non-toxic), which contains hints of darker blue, lighter blues and hazy green nebula mists.

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Doctor Who TARDIS Teacup

TARDIS Teacup Set

[Source:  Etsy via That's Nerdalicious]

Having grown up playing Super Mario Bros on the NES (I still play it all the time on my 3DS XL), I can understand how people could love it enough to make it one of the biggest pieces of their wedding day.  In the past, I have posted a bunch of Super Mario Bros wedding cakes ranging from this spectacular Super Mario Bros wedding cake to this mind blowing Super Mario Bros wedding cake so when I saw this adorable looking Super Mario Bros wedding cake, I knew I had to share it on here.

This beautiful Super Mario Bros themed wedding cake was created by DeviantART user Naera.  Unfortunately, she doesn’t give any of the delicious details about the cake like what it is made of or how long it took and there is no mention of who the happy couple was that got this cake.  Either way, the cake looks amazing and I’m sure the happy couple (who I would like to wish a happy marriage!) loved it!

Nothing says I love you quite like Mario down on one knee asking Princess Peach to marry him on a wedding cake.

Sadly, my princess seems to be in another castle and I’m starting to suspect that castle is in another galaxy, in a different universe.

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Super Mario Bros Wedding Cake By Naera

Super Mario Bros Wedding Cake By Naera

[Source:  Naera via it8bit]


Perhaps one of the greatest memes on the internet today is the Captain Picard facepalm meme.  Whether you enjoy memes inspired by stupid people or you just like Captain Picard, I think most everybody enjoys it.  Speaking of enjoying it, now you can enjoy it in a totally new way with some delicious Picard facepalm cookies!  Nothing will help you cope with the stupid people you encounter quite like some delicious facepalm cookies!

JustJENN over at JustJennRecipies made this awesome looking Picard facepalm cookie.  She also posted the recipe and the instructions so if you wanted to make your own Picard facepalm cookies just like hers, here is the recipe.  Of course the recipe will only get you part of the way since you still need the Picard facepalm cookie cutter which you can get over at WarpZonePrints for just $5.  And if anybody decides to make more than they can eat, you are more than welcome to send all of the extra cookies to me!  And don’t forget to make sure you are wearing a Picard cooking apron when you make them.

Bake it so!

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Picard Facepalm Cookies

Picard Facepalm Cookies

[Source:  JustJennRecipies]

NES Super Mario Bros

NES Super Mario Bros

It always gives me a laugh when I see the bewildered expression on peoples face when I tell them I listen mainly to metal music.  Metal music isn’t very popular where I live (this is mostly a country music area although there is a fair bit of love for classic rock too) and I grew up listening to almost nothing but country so it tends to surprise people I tell people I am a metalhead, especially since I don’t look like your stereotypical metalhead with tons of tattoos, piercings and dress in nothing but black.  I especially enjoy their confused expressions when I tell them the various sub-genres of metal that I enjoy like symphonic metal, celtic metal, viking metal, black metal, power metal, ect.  Well, this morning I was the one with the surprised look on my face as I had never heard of the style of metal known as Djent until I saw the video below.

Youtuber SteveTerreberry made this amazing video below of him playing the music from the first couple of levels of Super Mario Bros in the style of Djent.  So what is Djent exactly?  Djent is a heavy metal spinoff of traditional progressive metal (here is a more detailed description from Urbandictionary).  Anyway, whether you are a metalhead like I am or not, as long as you at least like Super Mario Bros, you should check out the video below and let me know what you think in the comments!

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