When I was in school, if a teacher wanted to get out attention, they would just yell at us.  It usually got the job done but I’m not sure it was quite as effective as the hilarious prank below and I know it certainly wasn’t anywhere near as entertaining.

This morning, this video of an April Fool’s prank that a math teacher by the name of Matthew Weathers pulled on his students came across my Facebook news feed.  If this is any indication of this guy’s normal teaching style, I’d say he should be nominated for teacher of the decade!

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The other day, I noticed that I am in bad need of at least a new drivers side floor mat for my car because apparently the heel of my foot managed to work a rather large whole through the middle of my current mat.  Well, rather than going and paying whatever ungodly amount the dealership wants for a new one, I think I will do something a little geekier and go with one of these sweet Star Wars automotive floor mats!

The awesome folks over at ThinkGeek are selling these cool Stormtrooper and Darth Vader automotive floor mats for $14.99-39.99 depending on whether you get a front pair ($40) or a single back back/utility floor mat ($15).  Unfortunately, you can’t mix and match the front pair unless you want to buy both sets which might not be too bad if you have two vehicles but it is a bit frustrating if you only have one.  Either way, if you are Star Wars fan, I’d call this a must have item for your vehicle!

I will probably go with the Darth Vader floor mats.  Let me know in the comments below which one you are going to order!

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Star Wars Automotive Floor Mats

Star Wars Automotive Floor Mats

[Source:  ThinkGeek]

Elder Scrolls Man Cave

Elder Scrolls Man Cave

Since I have an unfinished basement, I have long thought that when the day comes that I have some extra money, I’d like to do something cool and geeky with it like perhaps build myself an old school arcade.  However, if I do something like that, I don’t think I have the skills to do something near as impressive as this guy did with his basement.  This basement looks like something straight out of the Elder Scrolls universe!

Tyler Kirkham, a DC comics artist spent around $50,000 to build this incredible Elder Scrolls man cave that comes complete with weapons, armor, a sparring area, a waterfall and even a secret passageway!  Although I have played some Skyrim, I can’t say I am a big enough Elder Scrolls fan to consider doing this to my basement but I have to admit, this is pretty incredible!

Have you given any part of your home a geeky remodel?  If so, let me know about it in the comments below!

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[Source:  Barcroft.TV via: Polygon]

Super Mario Bros 2If there is one thing I am always fascinated by, it is the development history of video games.  Whether it is why something ended up the way it did or how the concept for a game came about, I am always really interested in learning about the development decisions involved in the games I love.  Well, the other day I stumbled upon this video talking about all of the unused content in Super Mario Bros 2 and a lot of history about the game that I didn’t know at the time since I was a year old when the game came out in North America and I didn’t start gaming until I turned 2.

I’m curious to know how much of this all of you knew so check out the video and then let me know how much of this is new information to you in the comments below!

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[via Gamnesia]

In the past, I have posted a ton of Portal cakes (just search for Portal cakes on the right to find them all) including a wedding cake that looks like a Companion Cube with Atlas and P-Body toppers.  However, the one I found today which you can see below blows them all away or I suppose you could say takes the cake!

This Portal themed wedding cake which is actually three cakes that look like Companion Cubes that features various characters from the game including P-Body, Atlas and GLaDOS was created by Black Cherry Cake Company.

This is definitely one of the the cooler wedding cakes I have seen and the best part is that this cake isn’t a lie!

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Portal Wedding Cake

Portal Wedding Cake

[via Between the Pages]

Video Game Hall of Fame Inductees 2015

Video Game Hall of Fame Inductees 2015 via Mashable

For a long time, I have thought there really needs to be a hall of fame for video games and I couldn’t be more excited that there finally is one!  I’ve been playing video games for 26 years and there are a ton of video games that are deserving of being in the hall of fame.  However, in choosing the inductees for the first entrants into The Strong’s World Video Game Hall of Fame, two giant mistakes were made.

Before I start ranting, I suppose I should list the inductees for The Strong’s World Video Game Hall of Fame.  This years inductees are Pong, Pac-Man, Tetris, Super Mario Bros, Doom and World of Warcraft.

The complete list of candidates for this years video game hall of fame induction included 15 games and here is the list:  Angry Birds, Doom, FIFA, The Legend of Zelda, Minecraft, The Oregon Trail, Pac-Man, Pokémon, Pong, The Sims, Sonic the Hedgehog,Space Invaders, Super Mario Bros., Tetris, and World of Warcraft.

Now, while I certainly see every game in that list as ones belonging in the video game hall of fame, there are several that absolutely don’t belong in there for the first round, including one of the inductees.  Which ones you ask?  I don’t believe that Minecraft, Angry Birds, and World of Warcraft (one of the inductees) have absolutely no place in there in the first round.

The first round round should be all about the early video games that paved the way for the rest of the industry.  That said, Pong, Tetris, Super Mario Bros, and Doom all belong on the list of inductees, but World of Warcraft certainly does not.

Before I start on why World of Warcraft should not have been considered much less inducted, lets get a smaller nitpick out of the way.  You probably noticed I didn’t mention Pac-Man in the list of games that belong on the list of inductees and there is a reason for that.  The reason is that I believe it should be Ms Pac-Man.  Ms Pac-Man is the version everybody remembers and you are still likely to find in an old pizza parlor or two around town with people still playing it.  Pac-Man was never the hit that Ms Pac-Man became so for that reason, I think it is less deserving of the honor than Ms Pac-Man.  Its really not a huge deal but in this case I think the wrong game in the franchise was credited with the honor.  Now, as for WoW…

Has it had a big impact on the industry?  Yes.  Does it deserve to be in the hall of fame at some point?  Absolutely!  However, I don’t think any game that is still in active development has any business in the hall of fame similar to how football stars have to be retired for at least 5 years before they are even eligible to be considered for the hall of fame.  To make it into the hall of fame, a game should be finished.  No more patches, no more expansions.  And honestly, it just doesn’t feel old enough anyway to really be considered yet.  Its a good thing Angry Birds didn’t get in because I would really have a fit about that!  I think the first round of games should stick to 8-bit graphics or at least no better than 16-bit (I probably would have been ok with Sonic being inducted).

So of the list of games that were considered, who do I think was most deserving to take the spot that was given to WoW?  I’d have to go with The Oregon Train.  I’m sure that it surprises many of you that I didn’t go with the Legend of Zelda since you all know I’m a huge Zelda fan but while I love the game and certainly think it belongs in the hall of fame, it has become overshadowed by better games in the franchise like Ocarina of Time so while it paved the way, I think the lack of attention it gets today makes it more of a second round inductee than a first one.

Why did I go with Oregon Trail?  I went with it because it was kind of that one game for a generation where everybody played it and knew about the game, mainly because it was played in schools.  I have some great memories myself of playing it in elementary school.  And, while the reboots were great fun, everybody remembers the old DOS version the most so I find it to be the most deserving in the franchise.  Ultimately, I think the game probably taught me more about what it was like in the early days of the USA than any class lecture I ever had.

So, in conclusion, whoever thinks that World of Warcraft is more deserving to be in the first class of The Strong’s World Video Game Hall of Fame over The Oregon Trail needs to lose all their food when their wagon sinks while trying to float across a river, get bit by a rattlesnake and then die of dysentery.

What do you think?  Let me know in the comments below!

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